Lock it up and throw away the key!

Hello, sweeties!I'm literally melting with these high temperatures. I must say that it's been a long time since I felt 31 degrees in Brussels, but it's not very pleasant even though I'm a big fan of the heat...But we have to be courageous and still stay stylish ^^. I try not to wear that much [...]


Hello, sweeties!Another day has passed and I had some stuff to take care of downtown. That's me- always on the move 🙂 ! It was, nevertheless, a very sunny day and I wanted to wear something light, summery and that reminds me of those vacations at the sea. I have this wonderful tee ( cause even [...]


Hello, sweeties!The weekend seems to pass so quick. I have two more weeks to go and I'll be leaving the city of chocolate and beer, parting for more beautiful sunnier countries. I can't wait! This time I'll try my best to keep you updated at least on Instagram , so if you like to see what [...]

Now or Never

Hi, sweeties!We're almost at the middle of the sales period and I, for once, didn't buy much. I'm still waiting for some major reductions. How about you? Did you manage to find anything fashionable? And speaking of fashion, I believe you all recall my little experience with Fashion One. I just love entering in competitions. [...]