Hello, sweeties!The weekend seems to pass so quick. I have two more weeks to go and I'll be leaving the city of chocolate and beer, parting for more beautiful sunnier countries. I can't wait! This time I'll try my best to keep you updated at least on Instagram , so if you like to see what [...]

Now or Never

Hi, sweeties!We're almost at the middle of the sales period and I, for once, didn't buy much. I'm still waiting for some major reductions. How about you? Did you manage to find anything fashionable? And speaking of fashion, I believe you all recall my little experience with Fashion One. I just love entering in competitions. [...]

When it rains…it doesn’t stop for days!

Hi, loves!Oh, God, I hope this wretched rain will finally stop. I simply hate it when it starts raining and it doesn't stop for days and days... In times like these I sure do miss Spain and Romania. Luckily I'll be parting for my annual vacation soon. I can't wait!Anyway, in a more rainy corner [...]


Hello, sweeties!Wonderful news: the winner of the yoyomelody giveaway has been approved, along with the $30 voucher code for the participants. So the winner of the $100 voucher prize is  federicasbordone@gmail.com . You will be contacted by the sponsor shortly with the voucher code. Big congrats and hope you'll be entering new giveaways on the blog :)For [...]


Hi, sweeties!Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. In Brussels is raining, so it's not that fun...But I still wanted to take my gorgeous scenic print jacquard dress from Chicwish that I find fascinating! It reminds me of Dolce& Gabbana baroque collections. Very particular and beautiful at the same time. Of course that I [...]