Good morning beauties, The weekend is just around the corner and I bet you all have big plans. I'm just going togo out a bit on Saturday and then spend the rest of the weekend organizing my room (as always). I'm back with a brand new "special" outfit. A two piece signed Sonia Peña, from [...]



Hello lovelies, I know it's Monday today, but this fine look was shoot this last Saturday. It started out so lovely, a beautiful sunny day...birds were singing, the Spring air was definitely felt outside... I was so happy to witness such a dazzling day, so I went ahead and put on my gorgeous Sonia Peña [...]

Cancun life

Hello sweeties,I'm happy to bring you a lovely outfit today, as a part of my Mexican adventure. With all these beautiful colors here in Cancun I couldn't refrain myself from taking some wonderful pictures at this awesome resort that I'm staying in.What better reason to wear my gorgeous Sonia Peña jumpsuit ? I think it [...]