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Sweater for summer

Yes, you read it correctly! The temperatures this morning were not very nice and I had to go at this event against breast cancer (check out my Instagram for more infos), so I had to replace the dress I wanted … Continue Reading Sweater for summer


Hello sweeties, Oh, it’s so good to be back ! Well, that except the weather which sucks here – max 14 degrees…and a tad windy not so nice for my summer like clothing… But still, I did wore this super … Continue Reading Faded

Light it up

Hi guys, OMG I just had the most busiest ever! I worked all day today to set in place my new love nest in Romania…ugh, I’ve just finished now ! Did I ever mentioned that I’m on Snapchat too? You … Continue Reading Light it up


Hi guys, As I have a little free time before I go to bed, I thought I should bring you another cute look. Very sporty, but at the same time casual and cute. I’m wearing this comfy two piece from … Continue Reading -W-

Let it go

Hi guys, Yep, I’m back again with a new outfit proposition and an old song I totally love. I’ve noticed that I’m starting not to share the tunes I’m listening to while sharing my looks or the ones that inspire … Continue Reading Let it go

Age of Adaline

Good morning cuties! Early start to this here week and I cannot believe I’ll have a few days off (well not from you, don’t worry! – I don’t consider my blog something to have a vacation from.) I can’t wait … Continue Reading Age of Adaline