Let me hear you…

Can I still say good morning ? It’s before 12h so let’s hope that’s still liable. 🙂

I woke up very late today and it’s such a drag because I have quite the full day … I’m trying to catch up on everything since I’ve been back and I must say, it’s quite difficult. I had one of those vacations where I need a vacation after it to just gather myself and move forward. It was also my mom’s bday yesterday and I did tried working a bit, but in between the laughters and people talking, it was mainly impossible.

Anyway, I am back with a new outfit post ! YEY ! And it’s actually the first one for 2020.. this is a look that I put together and shot at Dead Valley Lodge – my Fracominadress was made for this place really… and it’s such a cute dress to wear, matching both an elegant look as well as a casual one if worn with flats.


If you’re wondering about the sandals, they are from Asos and I do have them for awhile now… the thing is that, probably because of the heat, they started going a bit apart.. sadly, they aren’t the best quality, but the design was too cute to resist 🙂 .

Thank you for checking the blog and I’ll be sure to be back with more very soon !



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