OK. Bye.

Hi guys,

How are you this lovely Monday ? If you don’t like Mondays, you should definitely start to try. Why? Each day we should be grateful that we are alive and that we have another chance to start over and/or to evolve in our life. We should have a more positive view on how things are done. We have problems, ok, but these are just situations that are waiting to be solve. So stop. Think. And remove yourself from the dark corner that only your mind and actions got you there. And try to get out of that dark corner and just take over your own life; live it ! Embrace it !

Anyway, enough with the motivation because probably you are here to check out the newest OOTD ! And I do have a beautiful one for you 😉 – I think this pink shade is such a good color for my skin tone. If you’re curious on what I’m wearing, you can scroll down to know.


What I wore:

Oh, and btw, at Shopbop there is currently a new sale event going on – their “Very Merry” Sale, with 1000s items new to sale and up to 70% off reduction ! So hurry up and check them out !

Thank you for the read and have a great week ahead!



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