The terrace project –

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all having a lovely week. Can you believe that the weekend is almost here? I sure can’t ! I want summer to last all year round as I just can’t get enough of a sky without clouds, sunny weather and ice-cream !

As you maybe know, I had my terrace project planned for awhile now, but I never had the opportunity to really explore it. That’s until I have stumbled upon CAMELEON ! Yup, the good old shopping center holds not just fashi


onable items, but also design ones. I have always been attracted by interior design and decoration all together, so imagine how excited I was when I had the opportunity to put my skills into action by creating the terrace that I’ve been dreaming of.

A little video to start with maybe?


And of course, some lovely pics that I took of ..well.. basically everything as every piece falls so nice together and I bet you’ll love it as much as I do.


At CAMELEON you can find brands for your home such as: COOKUT, MIRACLES, POMAX, ATHEZZA and many more, covering sectors from kitchenware, terrace design, home interior, art deco, bathroom necessities, but without actual appliances, just stuff you need to make your room more alive and handy pieces like plates, towels or bathrobes 🙂


  • my plants are happy too ! –


  • this is now our resting spot. Me and Shoni will spend an amazing time on our new terrace with friends and family.








I didn’t tell you the best part yet – they are having a huge SALE period now and everything is at 50% off so better hurry up and get them while you can still can ! 🙂

Almost all of these amazing pieces are still in the shop !


Hope you enjoyed my little article and I hope to be back with more soon xo




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