Summer dream

Good evening everyone,

How are you this Friday ? In Belgium we are having a little summer feeling this weekend as the temperatures are quite high and I’m honestly looking forward on enjoying some sunshine and just spend some afternoons and evenings outside.

I guess that people’s state of mind is also very good when having some sun in their lives 🙂

I am back with a new OOTD as well in case you are wondering – and yes, my code of 15% off on the Le Parmentier collection at Forzieri is still available until June 2nd. Just add RUX15 when checking out !



What I wore:


So, this is today’s look. Something super simple to put together and something that is quite nice to wear to take a walk in the city during summer.


Thank you for checking out the blog and I can’t wait to be back with more xo




One thought on “Summer dream

  1. That’s such a pretty colour! Over here we’ve had super hot temperatures all week and now it’s gonna start to cool down again so I’m not expecting too warm temperatures this weekend but enjoy the sun!


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