7 rings

Good morning everyone,

Hope you didn’t had to wake up so early this Saturday as I needed to… I would have loved to stay and sleep for a little longer, but sometime duty calls and you cannot ignore it.

I’m super happy that I’m able to share with you a new outfit post ! As you can imagine, the weather is still shitty, but we have to make the most of it so here you have today’s look, a Spring mix of denim and white lace. This type of mix will always remain a classical for this season, being even something I grew up with really.

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– Scroll down for a full recap of my outfit ! –



What I wore:


I hope you like this look as much as I did and hope you’ll subscribe to my blog to stay posted.



One thought on “7 rings

  1. That’s a super cute top, white lace in the spring looks gorgeous. The weather here is starting to warm up this weekend but it’s gonna rain again next week so I guess we’re in the same situation haha


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