Hurt you

Good morning everyone,

Since I need to leave in aprox 40 minutes and I’m still in my PJs, I’ll make this post short in words. Don’t worry, the photos speak for themselves… and yes, the belt normally goes on your pants, not the other way around, but hey, I’m not the normal type 😉 .

Enjoy this look and don’t forget to scroll down for the outfit deets ! 🙂


oversized-pearl-hairclip.jpgIMG_8461IMG_8529IMG_8530photo copiephotoIMG_8442


What I wore:


I have my little pearled pin from AliExpress. It doesn’t like 50 cents, huh? 🙂 I saw them here, exact thing, at 7€…as if I’m crazy… 😀 Do you research before buying anything, peeps! That’s my tip of the day



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