Blush pink

Hello again everyone,

Hope you had an amazing day ! I’m super happy to be back with another beautiful outfit post. This time I thought I should do a special look with a special dress. Now I have received this one before I got severally ill a couple of weeks ago and I must say that with the Belgian weather and all, I had a really bad time finding a day to shoot the pictures… I don’t want to fall ill again and having to keep this balance drives me quite crazy because just look at the dress – it’s stunning ! It comes from an online store called Baby Online Dress, that specializes in prom dresses beach wedding dresses … well, everything dresses 🙂 and mine comes from them ! I loved it cause it fits perfectly, even in the bust area… it may be also because I started gaining a tad more weight. Who knows? What I do know is that the dress is totally beautiful and quite affordable if you think about it ! Don’t  hesitate to scroll down to see what I am wearing and to find the dress in the store. I added a direct link 🙂




What I wore:


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