Don’t settle

Good morning everyone,

As you can imagine, the flu got the best of me and I’ve been having a couple of dreadful days in bed… I really do hope that tomorrow I’m going to be better because I’m way behind with my photo shootings.

This outfit right here is the last one from a series I did about two weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if I would post is cause I really didn’t like how the dress fitted me and also the fact that it got all wrinkled in the bottom. Maybe a size up would have done the trick? Not sure.

I’m looking at you for advice on how I would have made this look better 🙂

I liked my hair that day though 😀 – don’t forget to scroll down and check what I am wearing.



What I wore:


Waiting for your comments regarding this look xo

Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂



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