Better Now

Hi everyone,

How are you this rainy Wednesday ? I managed to shoot a lot today and now it’s time to do some PC work.. editing,  writing… that stuff 😉

Nevertheless, I had the audacity to get out and do my outfit of the day because I really wanted to share with you this super amazing look that I’ve managed to put together in 10 minutes, so super effortless and quite chic might I add.

It features my new Buffalo shoes in a pure white color that are also available at High Demand Brands. I used to be skeptical of these shoes, but ever since the dad sneaker trend got under my skin, I felt the need to embrace other designs as well. I love it because they make my ankle look small, they make me look skinnier and of course, taller 🙂

Scroll down to see exactly what I am wearing :


What I wore:


I really hope you like this look and I also hope that I’ll be back with more soon xo



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