Good evening everyone,

I had a really busy Monday and because tomorrow is gonna be even more busier, I thought I should do my little outfit post this evening so tomorrow I’ll be all fresh with a new publication on Instagram as well 🙂

Most of my day was spent doing a great jewelry workshop at Esquisse Jewels where I had the opportunity to learn more about metals, gems and how we can transform them into beautiful jewelry pieces. I did a really cool bracelet that is not your ordinary common  piece, but something much more! All of that will be covered in a special blog article that will be live on the blog soon enough.

Meanwhile, you can indulge yourself with this super cool look featuring my new SheIn jumpsuit ! Don’t forget to have -10% on any order over $60 with my code: rux10


What I wore:


I hope you like this OOTD and I hope you’ll be back on the blog for more awesomeness ^^



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