Stolen youth

Good morning everyone,

Hope you are having a beautiful day… looks like I spoke too soon here and the Spring-ish mood is kinda over… luckily I have shot a bunch of pics before and with the ones I had, well, let’s just say I’m covered for the week 😉

It’s always annoying when I have to stay and wait for good weather to have nice pics for my outfits, so long ago I thought of an alternative and do more outfits in the same day and share them over the week. It’s easier for me and also you get to have daily inspo (almost).

Moreover, I have a really cute one for today and I bet you’ll absolutely adore it ! It’s already causing a lot of buzz on Instagram since I shared it in my stories yesterday !

Just scroll down to see exactly what I’m wearing !



What I wore:


I hope you like this OOTD and I hope that you will subscribe to my blog for daily outfits and even more exciting stuff 🙂



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