Fields of green

Good evening everyone,

How was your Monday ? I can honestly say that mine was quite fruitful and amazing !

Nevertheless, there comes a time where we need to feel more connected with nature, having that beautiful feeling of Spring, of that beautiful sun on our cheeks…

Today’s post is one of gratitude towards nature, towards that human part of us that needs to revisit this place once in awhile just to remember where we came from.

On that note and on my fashion vibe, I must mention here Irelands Eye, a family company from Dublin that makes trendy knits with a value for family and tradition. A reminder of those wool sweaters we would receive from our grandparents, but with a modern twist.

I’ve conveniently mixed mine with my pieces for today.  It’s super sweet that they are making knits for the whole family.. so he has one too ! 😉

Scroll down to see what exactly I am wearing:


What I wore:


I was in an artistic mood for today, but I loved it !

Can’t wait to be back with more soon xo



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