Like a walk in the park

Hi everyone,

How is your weekend going ? I think I overslept this morning, but I guess my body maybe needed it.

Anyway, today I’m feeling a tad more sporty, a tad more casual so let’s combine the two and put together a lovely outfit that you can check out here below.

It’s mainly from Yoins, but I also have some little extras that I linked up in my outfit description ūüėČ


What I wore:


As you can see, the pants aren’t that fabulous and maybe they would have been better if I took a size up. I think that was the problem. But then again, I have a really small waist so maybe it would have been too tight ? I don’t know…

The cropped sweater however – loved it ! Totally loved it. I’ll be surely wearing it again when the occasion arises.

Anyway, don’t forget to use your coupon code —slay15 for 15%off and slay 20 for 20% off for all orders over $65

Hope you liked the casual-sporty outfit and looking forward on welcoming you on my blog again on Tuesday xo



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