Good morning everyone,

Hope your Friday kicked off on a good note. I’m struggling not to be sick and it’s so darn difficult…

Anyway, I’m back with a brand new outfit post at least 🙂 one that it’s quite unique in its way and if you like the color red, then you’ll love this look !

I’m wearing my SheIn tweed dress  that is soooo beautiful ! I like it so much, especially in this mix 🙂 – don’t forget that you can still have 10% off any order over 60$ with my code – rux10

And as usual, don’t forget to scroll down if you’d like to know what I am wearing.


What I wore:


How do you stand on the Dolce Gabbana scandal ? I still really love their pieces though… :/ .. it’s so sad seing fashion be ruined by people. I’m on a make love, not war kind of basis…



3 thoughts on “Rouge

  1. Lovely outfit! I was never a huge fan of red but recently I found a love for it. About the D&G thing, I feel like it’s hard nowadays to forgive people for mistakes they make and everybody makes mistakes, we’re all human, but this isn’t the first time D&G do something along these lines and I feel like in 2019 there’s no excuse to do something like this anymore.

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    1. I totally agree with you! And frankly, I would love if we can let aside things like this … I mean both parts have their own justice ofc… but I mean.. it’s such a beautiful brand, the collections are so amazing and I’m such a fan of the brand itself, not the designers, not the people but of those amazing pieces ! I feel sometimes fashion is like nature – so beautiful and also so fragile in the presence of humans


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