Spring Dresses Made Fab

Hi sweeties,

I had a really busy day and now I’m getting ready for a lovely dinner to end the day on a gourmand note, so stay tuned on my Insta-stories to see where I’m going and more importantly what I will be wearing.

Now on a more sensible topic, you probably saw my Insta-stories last week where I have received a package from a website that had these amazing photos of coats and what I have received was totally different than the photo, the quality being extremely poor and the price was outrageous in comparison with what I had in the mail.

That’s why I wanted to wait and check out what Thisfind has on their website, as it’s mainly a site for beautiful fabulous dresses. Now I can tell you this, they had the curtesy of adding pictures of their real products aside from the ones from the mannequin.

I am very “educated” when it comes to new websites and how the quality will be in comparison with what they promise. Now that I have received my order, I can honestly say that I ABSOLUTELY love the dresses that I have and they’re absolutely amazing.

Thisfind has very lovely dresses and I love that their selection is quite exclusive as I didn’t see these models on the market here.

I’m leaving you a little wishlist maybe for future show so you can see what lovely dresses they have:

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