They call me Superman

Good morning everyone,

I’m sorry about the lack of posts lately, but I felt like taking some time off before I have a massive burn out.

I’ll probably be back next week with some awesome outfit posts and even more exciting things. Also, I’ll be working on my new video on YouTube so if you haven’t yet, I recommend you subscribe to my channel to stay in the loop 🙂 .

As for today, I’m back with a new outfit post !

I like this dress coat from SheIn so much and it’s actually the second time I’m wearing it cause “someone” forgot the camera when we went to Holland together before NYE :/ so I had to redo the whole thing… I’m super sad cause I liked the first version of my outfit so much better !

Now don’t forget that you can have 10% off at SheIn with my code: rux10 ( available for any order over $60)


What I wore:

I really hope you like the look and I am already wishing you a lovely weekend and “see” you next week ! 🙂



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