Up and coming

Good morning everyone,

I know it’s kinda late to say that considering it’s almost noon, but I don’t know why, I slept like a baby from last night at 12 until now at 10am… so that’s a lot of hours of sleep I believe… it could be also the fact that I’m a tad ill at the moment so probably my body is trying to gain as many strength as possible.

Other than that, I’m quite excited for Xmas on Tuesday and I really hope everything would be perfect as I imagined…. and as you may think, I’m back with a new outfit post today…

I’m so in love with this outfit. Like the series that I did this week was one of my fave and this outfit really reaches the top for me.

I’m wearing a beautiful dress from C&A that I’m sure you’ll love alongside a turban hat and some high gloves, everything in velvet so it looks quite Gatsby… Don’t forget to scroll down to see exactly what I’m wearing 🙂


IMG_9338IMG_9256IMG_9312IMG_9293IMG_9341IMG_9246 2IMG_9240

What I wore:


I hope you like this look and I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for a brand new OOTD !

I think that on Christmas day I’ll take one day off and spend it with my family… as you all should! 🙂

Have a perfect Sunday !



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