Good morning everyone,

I cannot understand why, but I’m getting more and more busy for these Holidays even though I just want to stay in bed and get some rest. Luckily, at least event wise I can choose so last night was basically the last event for this year… I have another thing in the Netherlands later this month, but that’s more business wise 😉 .

Anyway, I’m happy to be back with a brand new outfit post ! The thing is that I didn’t had the strength to go out and shoot so much yesterday like I know I said… and today it’s going to be more about doing my nails than everything else. I will be very lucky if I have the time to do one outfit 🙂 .

Today’s outfit is extremely chic and it’s not for everyone in my opinion. I’m mostly wearing pieces from Gant, a brand I truly admire and always recommend for its comfiness.



What I wore:

It could be quite difficult turning up with this mix. When I started assembling the pieces together, I didn’t think it will turn out this chic 🙂 .

Hope you like it and hope to be back tomorrow with a new outfit post !



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