Good morning everyone,

You may have seen a little preview on Instagram on Friday about this gorgeous outfit I’ll share with you, but also about my dog story situation. 

The fact that I’m not a dog person or that I don’t know how to swim relates with trauma I have experienced as a kid and due to unfortunate events, those things marked me for life. Now I did surpass however these fears when growing old, but like in a 30% rate. 

Even so, one of the dogs that I love and get along with is Zoé, my neighbor’s pup 🙂 she super sweet and funny and I have to admit that, in time I grew quite found of her ! Plus, she’s a really good poser 😉 

Thus, I’m back also with a super cool outfit that I just know you’ll adore. I’m wearing this tartan dress from Femme Luxe that I have styled in a particular way ! 😉 

What I wore:

I really hope you like this Sunday Special look and that you’ll pass by tomorrow to check out the new OOTD ! 



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