Lose it

Good morning everyone,

Staying on a 24/7 dark situation with sometimes 2/3h of sunshine isn’t quite what I signed up for… I’m starting to hate more and more this country. I haven’t travelled that much and the fact that I stood in Belgium for quite some time now is starting to get really depressing.

Because of the lack of light, my sight has deteriorated a lot ! And some years ago I was prescript glasses… I wear them mainly when I drive or when I stay too long in front of the PC. These beautiful ones that I’m wearing come from GlassesShop and honestly, quality wise, they seem more solid than my pink ones from Polette.

Obviously I integrated them in my outfit and I was super happy that I could wear my beautiful shawl from & Other Stories that day. The temperature was still acceptable and this piece of clothing worked just perfect with my look. 

Just scroll down for all the details ! 

What I wore:

I hope you like this outfit and I hope you’ll come by tomorrow to check an amazing look I have prepared 😉 

Have a great Saturday xo



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