It’s Black Friday soon

Good morning beauties,

I hope you all had a goodnight sleep. As you probably know, Black Friday is just around the corner and the most exciting part is that they are starting to do awesome discounts and promotions starting yesterday.

Yup, that’s right, Shopbop has started their “Black Friday” since yesterday and there are so many amazing items waiting for you ! 

The concept ? The more you spend, the less you pay

Let’s do the math:

We are taking this gorgeous top from Rodarte that is already reduced from 3 565 $ to 891,25$

Stunning, right?

Now according to the Sale instructions, you get 25% off because it’s over 800$, leaving our top at 668,43$. From the original price of  3 565 $  to just 668,43$, now that’s a great deal right there! 🙂

I really do hope you’ll have a blast shopping ! 

I’ll be back soon with more awesome news xo



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