Good morning everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I know I am 🙂

I’m back with this particular outfit that I wore during the Press Days in Antwerp and that really turned a lot of heads to say so 😉

Fashion has always been something I’m good at, something that comes natural to me and with time I perfected this “gift” and I’m happy to say that next month I’ll have turning 7 with my blog and everything else. Seven years of outfits, collabs, new people and so many exciting things !  But I’m sure that I’ll make a dedicated blogpost for that when the time comes 🙂

Meanwhile, you can check out this popular tenue here below featuring this fab raincoat from mbyM ( I took a peak at the weather forecast that day and saw that rain was expected so I dressed accordingly).  😉



What I wore:

Well, I do hope you’ll like this OOTD… Tomorrow I’m gonna focus more on video making so I’ll probably skip my usual blogpost 🙂 . I want to try to grow my YouTube channel more !

Enjoy your weekend !!



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