Good morning beauties,

A new day has come and with that, almost the end of another week…that means one step closer to my birthday and the thing is that I didn’t yet decide anything; should I celebrate my 29 years of existence on this Earth or shouldn’t I?

While that dilemma is still being solved in my head, I would like to present you with today’s outfit ! I have a lovely dress from Eva Trends that is so magnificent I didn’t even care when I took a size up. Of course, it will not fit you as a normal dress, but I do have a little tip on how to make a big dress fit you well: add a lovely waist belt to te dress ( a wide one preferably); that way your waist will be defined and the dress will not look so big. Just check out below how I wore mine ! I was extra happy that the fabric was really awesome and it added a “haute couture” vibe to the look !

Btw, you can still benefit from 10% off at Eva Trends using my code: RUX10


What I wore:

I really do hope you like this marvelous look and I’ll try to be back tomorrow with more beautiful fashionable stuff 🙂




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