Good morning everyone,

I took a little pause the other day, it’s true, but it’s only because I wanted to do a little video for the new Red Obsessed Steampod from L’Oréal that I do hope I’ll have the chance to edit today and post until the end of the afternoon. The result was pretty awesome. Like the old steampod, it didn’t deceived me at all. I do like the new design and color on the latest one better 🙂 . And hey, it’s a limited edition so it’s pretty cool for a gift idea in my opinion.

For a lovely hair, you def need a lovely outfit to go with. So I did a little tartan mix since it’s still trendy and all and “closed the deal” with a waist bum bag from mbyM that is pretty neat and practical if you want some free hands 🙂 .

Scroll down for all the details of this look !




What I wore:

Don’t forget to take 15% off at Daniel Wellington with my code: 15RUXDW until the end of the year 🙂 .

Hope you like this simple chic look and I’ll be back tomorrow with more fashionable news xo



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