Good morning lovelies,

Did you have a good weekend? Mine was quite busy and today I’m kinda planning to try on some of the products that I have received during the week and maybe make some content. I think I have slept enough to recover from my last trip to Amsterdam.

Since it’s Sunday, I thought that a casual style would suit this day quite well, taking a break from heels for once. I’m also wearing my super cute top from Marie & Frisco that naturally has to be worn with bowties on each end, but I let my ties loose for a change 🙂 .

Scroll down to check exactly what I am wearing xo




What I wore:

This is a perfect look for a casual day, it’s true, it’s maybe a little bright for Fall, but we are still having this amazing Indian summer with temperatures around 25/26C, so I’m still holding on to that until the real Fall kicks in 🙂 .

Enjoy the rest of your day, everyone and “see” you tomorrow for a brand new outfit post !



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