Indian summer

Good morning beauties,

I’m up super early today just for you, just so you can visit the blog and see a new outfit cause guess what? We’re having a lovely Indian summer here in Belgium and the weather is absolutely wonderful (with the occasional rain that disturbs your mind not knowing how to dress, of course, but still pretty warm outside). So today I’m happy to share with you this lovely dress from Marie& Frisco, a brand you may know since before because I used to collaborate with them a lot in the past. Due to delivery problems, awhile I have stopt in case you were wondering about this “gap” . 🙂

Anyway, this beautiful dress is exactly what you need for this awesome Indian summer ! The print, the fabric and of course, the design make is pretty special.

Scroll down if you’d like to know what I’m wearing.




What I wore:


Thank you so much for checking out the blog and I really hope you like this look !

I’m very excited to be back tomorrow with more !



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