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Good morning beauties,

Another day just started and I’m still here doing my “thing” with my daily outfit posts as I usually do… I can’t get over the fact that next year I’ll be 30. Where did the last 12 years pass by? It’s quite something to see how quick we get old after 18.

I am both sad and happy at the same time. A feeling that is difficult to explain…

What I could explain is today’s outfit ! I tried a little mix of my own and I really do hope you’ll like it. My central piece of the whole look would be the shirt. This one comes from SheIn and ever since I heard the scarf print is super popular, I just had to have this one as well. It’s so beautiful and chic ! You can still take advantage of 15% off with my code rux15 . 🙂




What I wore:


Do you like scarf print items? I sometimes like mixing them with actual scarves. 🙂

Hope to be back soon with more fashionable stuff xo



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