Good morning ladies and gents,

A new week, and a new month for that matter has started and for me that means one step closer to my bday in November. I don’t usually hesitate in life and I always know what I want right from the beginning ( perks of being a Scorpio), but this time it’s different… on one hand I would like to stay at home and pretend nothing happened, on the other hand I would like to party with all my friends… and I even have option number 3 in mind: going away for the weekend somewhere nice. Looks like I’ll let time decide what I would like most….

Meanwhile, I am actually going somewhere today so be sure to check my Instastories 🙂

And of course, I have also a brand new outfit post to make you start your week right and fashionable. I mixed up these two pieces from the C&A Fall collection and I think I have a pretty cute outfit on m hands this time. As usual, it’s different from what you saw yesterday ^^



What I wore:

Hope you all like this mix 🙂

Will be back tomorrow with more fashionable stuff ! ^^



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