Hello sweeties,

I woke up quite late today, but I’m definitely energetic and starting to regain my strength. I should. Tomorrow morning I have my flight and if you’re curious about where I’m going, then I advise you to follow me on on Instagram :).

Meanwhile I have a brand new outfit post that I just know you’ll absolutely love. I bought these booties from Versace this year somewhere in August and ever since I didn’t had the chance to wear them. In a way, I’m a bit happy Fall is here, but I hope no endless rainy days will come… it’s ok as long as we have a little bit of sun, of light… otherwise it’s too depressing..

As usual, you can scroll down to check out what I’m wearing 🙂


What I wore:

This Caddis Fly coat is one of my favorites this season and you’ll see it very soon in another outfit mix; different style, of course :).

Thank you so much for visiting the blog ! Don’t forget to subscribe and follow my fashion adventures ! ^^



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