Good morning peeps,

Normally today we will have a lovely 22C warm day. As usual, I’m a bit stuck with my tight schedule so I won’t quite take advantage of this beautiful day… but I do hope you will !

Moreover, I’m back with a brand new outfit post ! Again, I changed a bit the “theme” for today and I felt that I more lady-like look would be imposed. I think that this is a kind of outfit that you can even wear to work if you’re a bad a// business woman that is 😀 . Wearing this with a boss around would only give him some wrong ideas ^^

I actually felt in love with the new collection from VerySimple and I must say that it’s their best one yet ! Super chic, classy but still evoking that sexiness in some pieces; trendy and not to mention that the quality exceeds the limits; beautiful prints and cleverly designed clothes. That’s how I would describe their new collection that I’m an absolute fan of.


What I wore:

How do you like this outfit ?

Can’t wait to read all your lovely comments xo



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