Good morning peeps,

As you probably saw on my Instastories, my rabbit is my personal alarm clock. He always jumps on my bed, always trying to wake me up if it’s past 9am. Pretty funny, huh? :)) I love my little fur ball and I sometimes think about the moment when he’ll leave me and I get so sad 😦 …

But anyway, let’s not get too sad without a justified reason as we will be when the time comes…

I’m also back with a new outfit post that I’m super happy about !

The dress comes from SheIn and it’s sooo beautiful .. just perfect to style up and wear on ever occasion ❤ – don’t forget to get 15% off with my code: Rux15  – the reference for it is 549281 🙂




What I wore:

I really love how the bag goes so well with the tip of my shoes and even though it’s in black velvet, I thought as it will be such a cool option for this outfit, don’t you agree?

Today I’m planning a more relaxing day… hope I will stick to that :))

Thank you for visiting the blog and I wish you a perfect day !



2 thoughts on “Draagt

  1. That is a really nice look, I have a budgie and I also cannot immagine what would I do without her, I love her so much! And she also wakes me every morning…


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