Good morning sweeties,

Now today is one of those days where I would have preferred to stay more in bed and sleep. Sadly, I have a little job this morning and afterwards I must attend two awesome events; for the events, of course, it’s a pleasure to go 🙂 . It’s so sad that I have to do everything in just one day ! I’m sure I’ll survive though… it’s just one day ^^

Meanwhile, I also have a brand new outfit post cause I ain’t seeing much of that around lol 😛 . I owe it to you to bring you more outfit posts seeing that I’m back in Brussels and all… I don’t want my feed to look like a constant ad.

So I have this super cute dress from NA-KD fashion that I absolutely love and that you can style in so many ways… I also have a discount code of 20% at their site so just add Ruxandra20 when checking out 🙂 .


What I wore:

I hope you like this Tuesday look and I will be back with more tomorrow hopefully 🙂

Thank you for visiting the blog and don’t forget to subs xo



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