Life at the palace

Good morning everyone,

I’m finally back in Brussels and after all my travels, I’m in the verge of organizing everything. Honestly, I wanted to go to Fashion Week this year, but I find myself lacking power to do so…it looks like I’m going to leave it all for the next one in 2019.

Meanwhile I have a lovely post for you today, featuring this gorgeous Sonia Peña dress from the Couture line.

As you probably saw in my stories and all, I went to Versailles for a few days (and Paris too as it is very close). Staying at the Waldorf Astoria Trianon Palace Hotel made me feel like a princess… the surroundings, the service, the architecture … truly amazing if you’re looking for that fairytale place. Obviously, a more accurate article is yet to come 🙂 .


What I wore:

I really hope you like this look and I’ll be sure to be back with more soon !

Thank you for visiting xo



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