Hello beauties,

Hope you are all having a blessed day ! I’m actually at the airport now and while I’m waiting for my flight, I thought I should share with you this awesome look that I managed to put together on Wednesday.

The star of the show is this beautiful bag from Rusée. I’ll probably do an interview-article on the brand soon, so stay tuned. For now all you need to know is that they make amazing leather pieces that will define the contemporary classic luxury. You can also support them on Kickstarter . Oh and as a side, yet quite important note, the leather is recycled, but always premium quality and made in France.

I wanted to spice up their usual line and do a swag look, showing you that this bag can be adapted to more styles, not necessarily classic outfits.


What I wore:

Adding a bit of swag to a classic piece can be quite controversial, but always fashionably fun ! 🙂

Hope you like today’s look and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for my summer travels xo



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