Cuba Libre

Hello sweeties,

I know I’m a bit “late to the party”, but I was counting on doing my blogpost in the car today. Joke was on me cause I didn’t had my phone to retrieve a code for WordPress… it’s always like this. When you think you thought of everything, you still miss out on one little detail that ends up killing the whole thing.

Happily I’m back home again now and I’m mentally preparing for my big trip that’s coming up !

Meanwhile I also have this super amazing look that I’m so excited about… I’m so excited to read your thoughts actually ! For me, it turned out just amazing 🙂

Don’t forget to take 15% off at SheIn with my code: rux15 -> find my shirt here – just search 422661 if it’s not displayed.


What I wore:

Tomorrow I’m gonna take a day off to put everything into place, but expect a post on Friday ! 🙂

Thank you for always being so supportive and keep on coming back for your dose of fashion ^^



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