Pink find

Good morning sweeties,

A new day is upon us and unlike yesterday, today I’m planning to go to the seaside since the weather is super hot ! With the years, I’ve learned to love the North Sea, even though it’s grey and cold.

Unlike the North Sea, today I have a really colorful outfit and so not grey :). I hope you’ll like how I managed to style this super cute jumpsuit from Novashe. Btw, I would advise taking a size up maybe… I’m 1,68m and it’s kinda small for me.


  • not stealing the car. it’s just for the picture 🙂


What I wore:

You can still benefit from 15% off at Daniel Wellington‘s website with my code: RUX15 – or simply visit their store in Belgium at:

10 rue du Marché aux Herbes/ Grasmarkt 10, 1000 Brussel

Hope you like this colorful look ! 🙂



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