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Hi peeps,

So I decided to stay in today and tidy up my room… the house… and most important, prepare my outfits for tomorrow. I woke up with so much energy, it’s crazy!

Lately I’ve been working so much and having also so many family, friends… it’s crazy how you have to make “room” for each and every one. Today I was like… I’m gonna stay home. Plus, the weather isn’t that good, so it’s all for the better :).

Even though it’s not a sunny day, I would still love to share with you this little look from Tuesday, when I hit the beach here. De Panne is my fave spot to go ! The beach is huge and I love it that, when it’s nicer outside, the water is so much warm than the other beaches here in Belgium.


What I wore:

Beach towel from C&A 

Gotta stay hydrated, right ? 😀

Wishing you all a fab Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day for those of you who are celebrating  !



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