When you call my name…

Hello wonderful people,

I bet most of you are off today. There is a holiday here in Belgium and most of them are also taking tomorrow off because it’s Friday so you know… long weekend for most of them :).

The weather is a tad more cloudy, but I guess I can still enjoy a lovely day with a friend that is coming to visit me in Brussels.

However, if you feel like shopping today, I can recommend going on the Lesara site, where you can take advantage of 10% off with my code: RUX10

As you probably guessed, my outfit from today comes from Lesara. The skirt and top are super cute and not to mention, quite affordable !


What I wore:

I think this outfit is super perfect for the current weather. It’s not too cold, not to hot – just perfect to stroll around the city in a pair of lovely comfortable heels and just enjoy a day off with your girlfriends.

Hope you like it too and don’t forget to subscribe or follow me on Instagram for more insights.



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