Good morning sweeties,

It’s been a sec since I last shared an outfit post with you here, on the blog. I took two days off so I can breathe a bit. Well, not necessarily yesterday as I had a full day and didn’t had that time to breathe, but on Sunday I needed to sign out and get some rest. Feels like I’ve been working 24/7 lately and I totally forgot that I was human and my body cannot stand that much pressure…

Anyway, I have a really cute outfit for today! I’m super excited to “show off” my new NA-KD dress that is sooooo gorgeous ! Don’t forget that you can have 20% off their whole site with my code: rux20


What I wore:

So, what do you think about this Spring look ? I added the velvet bag cause, even though the fabric isn’t quite the SS one, it’s still quite nice for a transition look to say so. I always considered Spring as a transition to the ultimate hot season, summer. And even so, I can still think about a few looks that I can easily integrate a velvet bag into a summer look.

Well, I guess I’ll “see” you guys tomorrow 🙂




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