I’ve got wings

Hello sweeties,

Oh, it feels I’ve moved to a new home and everything is so unknown to me…it’s crazy ! I’m also very tired cause I’ve been working a lot lately and I didn’t actually have any time to better plan my vacay this summer… Today I’ll be cleaning the house and maybe preparing my coming week… planner etc.. It’s crazy how the days pass and I cannot have some time to myself. I always have to do something…

But at least I’m doing what I love so it’s not that bad you know…

Meanwhile, I have a new look for you today! Since the sun is shining and the birds are singing, this is a perfect look for Summer ( yup, we’re having like 27C) and I know that a lot of you will find yourselves in this outfit, as it’s quite one for youngsters. I’ll be turning 30 years next year… I can’t believe how the time passed so quick ! Body wise, I have to pay more attention what I eat, how I take care of my skin, my body… I have a dedicated post coming up to let you know a little secret on how I manage to stay thin and to have a nice body shape.



What I wore:

So, this is the look for today ! I really hope you’ll find it cute for summer day ! Will be back tomorrow with more 🙂



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