Hi peeps,

Wow, I’ve been on a crazy work rush lately… I cannot even tell what day it is; I have to think a little first. πŸ˜…

I do feel quite tired and in the meanwhile, I’m also trying to organize the new trip this summer, as well as the new website. Yup, the new website is up and running and most of you picked up on that. It’s going to include also more of my travel experiences and many more awesome things…

I’ll be more “functional” in areas that I wasn’t that much before, or rather more on Instagram.

Moreover, I’m also back with today’s look. I chose to go full blown elegant today. Why ? Well, just look at this dress… would you have chosen otherwise? 😜

Plus, I managed to mix it with these two jewelry pieces from NONA Jewels. I must say, these are sooo amazing and I’m so in love with them ! Cannot wait to wear them again.

What I wore:

C&A party collection dress

Schutz sandals

SIX clutch

Nona Jewels bracelet and necklace

I think this is such a lovely look in case you’d like to go out one warm evening this season :).

Don’t you think so ?

Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for more awesome OOTDs !



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