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Skin and Senses

And a big hello to all you wonderful people that are concerned with what products they use !
I recently stumbled upon an awesome brand, namely Skin and Senses, that has natural non toxic organic skincare products.
How is this brand different from others? Well, they believe in self empowerment, the kind that brings to the customers what they need: a healthy, youthful skin !
I was lucky enough to test one of their top selling products: the anti-aging perfecting night serum – I always like to try the product before recommending it. It’s true that better results can be seen in a more wider period of time, but I wasn’t allergic to it, nothing came up on my face so non-toxic feature checked !; I feel that my skin is radiant and more luminous, not to mention soft and cool.
How I did the whole thing is mixed it with my usual face cream cream. It’s always better to mix serums with your normal cream for a more accurate result.
Plus, it smells amazing !

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