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El modelo

Hello sweeties,
The weather seems quite shitty, but I’m sure we’ll step into Spring at a point. We had a sunny afternoon this Monday when you could have sensed that the seasons are changing… but then the rain came and it’s still here and I’m so happy that I’ve managed to shoot some lovely outfits to share with you, guys!
The one I’m wearing today goes more towards a more rock/punk approach – felt even as Marilyn Manson was “guiding” my hand when choosing my items. I wanted to pick a new pair of pumps from Manfield, but I found these awesome booties so much more suitable for this weather !
Just look at this awesome mix I created 🙂







What I Wore:
Pull&Bear jacket ( similar styles here )
Zara clutch
So, how do you like this OOTD?
I know it’s something more different than what you are used to, but I do hope it could be a style that you would adopt for a concert for exemple :).
See you tomorrow !!

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