Bite me tender

Hi guys,
And how are you this fine day ? I’m just hoping we’re gonna have some 100% Spring weather soon… otherwise, I did the grand giveaway draw last night and I felt bad for all the contestants who played and didn’t win. I should know, I never won a contest in my life… but I did a live thing so everybody would know that it was not a hoax or something. When I clicked the button that randomly selects the winner, I was super excited and anxious at the same time !
Anyway, congrats again to the winner and I already saw some people unfollowing me ( they were just following the Giveaway actually and not my account lol). But these people will be blacklisted and banned for joining new giveaways ! Sorry, guys!
So, moving on, I have an awesome outfit that I was just dying to share with you today OMG OMG ! I really love how this one turned out πŸ™‚










What I wore:
Mango shoes
YSL clutch
Yesterday was indeed a beautiful day and in the sun, you could easily wore a sleeveless top. Problem was when you were going into the shade or if the wind started blowing. Nonetheless, I really wanted to wear this awesome top from Jun& Juli that I think is so cool !! I feel I can do lots of stylings with it xo

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