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Hello sweeties,
Thank you for all your lovely messages and reactions the other day. Indeed, not fitting in after almost 9 years of Belgium is a problem. And as the say goes, “I’m not a tree, I can move if I want to”, I’ll be def planning to move in a couple of years. As for the whole situation, I won’t let things fall like this… some of you who reacted to my post are also in the same pot, bloggers who are marginalized by the system so I’m sure we’ll do something about that soon.
In another fashionable sense, I’m back with today’s outfit post. It’s something I’ve managed to put together quite fast and I was super charmed by the idea of adding a feather to my Sterkowski hat. I actually cut it from an “indian” head accessory that I have from River Island since forever.

What I wore:
Zara shirt underneath 
Pinko booties ( similar here
W.E. jacket
So how about it? Do you like the new outfit ?
I’ll be back tomorrow with more xo

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