Old times

Hi guys,
Hope you are all having a fab Friday. I’m waiting for my cousin to wake up so we can go outside and take some pics and I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend 3h rather than sharing with you another outfit and with it, a few things I like to do during the day.
For this outfit, I was in an elegant mood. I’m also wearing my Monaco Regatta bracelet so that’s probably why :). You probably know the brand because of its watches, but they have also some pretty neat bracelets as well.

I think this place is one of my favorite spots in Brussels. You can see everything from here, all the city !
I think this bracelet totally complets my outfit and even though I’m more elegant this time, I this it works with casual and even sporty casual looks.
Curious about I’m wearing?
– Guess jeans
– Zara shoes
– 3Suisses bag

As for my daily routine, well, usually mornings are basically for answering mails (the ones I get during the night) and then in the afternoon I usually hit the town, take a few pics and maybe afterwards relax at a café shop. 🙂

I simply love taking my hot chocolate and a piece of cake ! 🍰 😋

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